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تم Netstripe

تم پيش فرض نت اسکيپ 9 برای فايرفاکس .

نت اسکيپ مرد!

Netscape Navigator 9’s default theme, packaged for Firefox.

Netstripe is the default theme for the Netscape Navigator 9 browser. Its icons are clean, compact, and (of course) green, on a subtle metallic-grey background.
Note that in order to take advantage of the combined Stop and Reload buttons, you must customize your toolbar to have the Stop button directly in front of the reload button, or the Stop button will appear and disappear, causing the other icons to shift. (Feature removed in version 1.0.1.)
Known issues :

* When installed in Firefox on Mac OSX, the theme name appears as «Macstripe» and not «Netstripe» for development reasons.

Icons in the Bookmark Manager on Mac OSX are shifted slightly upwards.

*Back and forward buttons are not unified on Mac OSX.

* Search field background on Linux is not aligned properly.


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